The science of footwear

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Title The science of footwear
Series Design, Ergonomics, Anthropometry,
Year 2013
Language English
Pages 702
ISBN 9781439835692, 1439835691
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“Covering every aspect of the process, this book introduces the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of footwear. It also presents a comprehensive discussion of how the footwear attempts to cater to the wide needs of sophisticated and demanding customers. The text provides a basic understanding of the and techniques involved in the design and development of a popular and demanding consumer product. Topics include the measurement and testing process, foot and footwear interaction, mass customization, the manufacturing process, and the marketing process. The author also addresses the latest trends in footwear

Table of contents :
Chapter 1 Foot Structure and Anatomy
Ma Xiao, Yan Luximon, and Ameersing Luximon

Chapter 2 Foot Morphology
Inga Krauss and Marlene Mauch

Chapter 3 Foot Characteristics and Related Empirical
Shuping Xiong, Asanka S. Rodrigo, and Ravindra S. Goonetilleke
Anthony C. Redmond

Part II Scanning and Processing
Chapter 5 Shape Capture of Human Feet and Lasts

Carl G. Saunders and Jeffrey Chang
Chapter 6 3D Scanning
Sudhakar Rajulu and Brian D. Corner

Chapter 7 Three-Dimensional Data Processing Techniques
Jianhui Zhao, Yihua Ding, and Ravindra S. Goonetilleke

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