Sustainable by Design: Explorations in Theory and Practice

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Sustainable by Design: Explorations in Theory and Practice

Serial No. FR0019#
Title Sustainable by : Explorations in Theory and Practice
Series Language, Culture, and Teaching,
Year 2006
Pages 257
ISBN 1844073548
Size 5.5 MB
Extension HQ PDF

To advance the subject of design one has to engage in the activity of designing. Sustainable by Design offers a compelling and ,design-centred approach that explores both the meaning and practice of sustainable design.

Walker explores the in the context of sustainability, and conventional ways of defining, designing and producing functional objects. He discusses the personal , tacit knowledge, ephemeral design, experimental design, and the relationship between intellectual design criteria,physical expression and aesthetic experience.

This book will introduce vital concepts to students and will inspire by providing a well-articulated basis for understanding the complexity and potential of sustainable design, and extolling the contribution of design to the creation of a more meaningful material culture.

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