Light for Art’s Sake: Lighting for Artworks and Museum Displays

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Title Light for Art's Sake: Lighting for Artworks and Museum Displays
Author(s) Christopher Cuttle
Publisher Butterworth
Series Art, Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design
Year 2007
Language English
Pages 301
ISBN 0750664304
Size 20 MB
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About the Author
Christopher “Kit” Cuttle is currently Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology at the University of Auckland. From 1957 he worked as a specialist architectural lighting designer and advisor, and since 1976 he has been lecturing on the subject in New Zealand, the UK and the US. He holds qualifications in illumination, electrical engineering and architecture, and has published 100 papers and articles on lighting.

Conservation scientists in museums and galleries have a clear understanding of the damage that light can inflict on an object, but what of the designers that create exhibitions to display these precious items? Light for Arts Sake provides a basis for a level of professional expertise for lighting practice in museums.
Rather than portraying conservation and display as having diametrically opposed objectives, the central concept is that the interaction of light and art media is the source for both the visual experience and the degradation of the artwork. Optimal solutions derive from understanding and controlling the interaction process, and the need is for the level of understanding among lighting professionals to be brought closer to that found among conservation scientists.

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