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The master drapes for those in the flow.

As a child, Marc Bouwer was fascinated by the movies and the women of Hollywood. Little did he know that decades later, as a celebrated couturier, his designs would set a thousand red cameras flashing.

Shortly after arriving in NYC, he met fashion legend Halston. What happened next may have been Marc’s own first Hollywood moment: “I think you got something, kid!” were the legend’s memorable words after seeing Marc’s Hollywood . On cue, Halston offered him a job and the young ’s began to unfold. Under Halston, Marc refined his skills, becoming a master draper. Draping soon became the hallmark of Bouwer’s career — a distinction later dubbed “athletic glamour” by industry purveyors and press.

Marc’s innate sensibility, keen eye, and undeniable have landed him on the pages of revered international fashion publications and into the hearts of the ’s most glamorous and watched women. In addition to a roster of celebrated runway reviews and feature articles, Marc Bouwer Couture has graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Vanity , Glamour, Vibe Magazine and more.

“I think it’s really disgusting that designers use fur, and it’s disgusting that people wear fur. It has to stop.”

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