Living with Art

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Serial No. AR0014#
Title Living with Art
Publisher McGraw-Hill Humanities
Series Art, , ,
Year 2009
Pages 592
ISBN 0073379204
Size 121 MB
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Analyze, Understand, Appreciate
Living with Art provides the tools to help think critically about the visual . Using a wealth of examples, the first half of the text examines the nature, vocabulary, and elements of art, offering a foundation for students to learn to analyze art effectively.

The latter half sets out a brief but comprehensive history of art, leading students to understand art within the context of its time and place of origin. High quality images from a wide range of periods and cultures bring the art to life, and topical essays throughout the text foster critical .

Taken together, all of these elements help students to better appreciate art as a reflection of the human experience and to realize that living with art is living with ourselves.

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