Graphic Designer’s Essential Reference: Visual Elements, Techniques, and Layout Strategies for Busy Designers

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Serial No. GR0004#
Title Graphic 's Essential Reference: Elements, Techniques, and Layout Strategies for Busy
Author(s) Timothy Samara
Series , Graphic ,
Year 2011
Pages 249
ISBN 9781592537433
Size 102 MB
Extension HQ PDF

A good designer, like a good chef, is aware not only of how each ingredient is similar or different, but also which delivers one message in contrast to another, which will combine to create experiences that are harmonious or jarring, financial, medical, or industrial. By comparing the designer to a chef, author Timothy Samara, walks readers through the ingredients, tools, and techniques it takes to create successful design recipes. This book is broken into easy-to-follow sections, including basic design techniques, graphic ingredients, and projects recipes.

The Graphic Ingredients section is categorized into four groups: Pictorial Staples, Chromatic Flavors, Typographic Confections, and Spatial Presentations. Once the basic design techniques and ingredients are established, the author demonstrates how to concoct delectable design recipes. Graphic Designer’s Essential Reference is an inspirational resource that all graphic designers should keep by their workspace for handy reference.

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