Fashion Illustrator

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Serial No. FS0001#
Title Illustrator
Publisher Inc
Series Art, , Sketching, Fashion
Year 2006
Language English
Pages 210
ISBN 185669447X, 9781856694476
Size 53 MB
Extension PDF (Scanned)

A comprehensive, visually-led overview that covers all areas of fashion drawing, presentation, and illustration, Fashion Illustrator both teaches how to draw the fashion figure and provides an extended of established and emerging illustrators.

From initial inspiration through to finished illustration, the book teaches the student how to draw from life and accurately depict body proportions, and also includes advice on exaggerating proportions for effect. A chapter outlines the use of different , showing students how to use color, and features techniques for rendering different and patterns. Dedicated tutorials explore both digital and traditional media (Illustrator, , photo-montage, mixedmedia, drawing, ink, embroidery) through the work of leading fashion illustrators, giving the student the confidence to experiment with different illustrative styles.

Later chapters outline the of both twentieth-century and contemporary fashion illustration, and profile influential fashion illustrators and other industry professionals, with interviews providing an insight into life after graduation. There is also guidance on careers for the fashion illustrator, portfolio presentation, and working with an agent.

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