Dress and Ideology Fashioning Identity from Antiquity to the Present

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Title and Ideology Fashioning from Antiquity to the Present
Author(s) , Guy D. Stiebel
Publisher Bloomsbury Academic
Year 2015
Language English
Pages 264
ISBN 1472525493, 9781472525499
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Dress and fashion are powerful visual means of communicating ideology, whether political, social or religious. From the communist values of equality, simplicity and solidarity exemplified in the Mao suit to the myriad of fashion protests of such as revolutionary women’s demand to trousers, dress can symbolize ideological orthodoxy as well as revolt.

With contributions from a wide range of international scholars, this book presents the first scholarly analysis of dress and ideology through accessible case . Chapters are organized thematically and explore dress in relation to topics including nation, identity, religion, politics and utopias, across an impressive chronological reach from antiquity to the present day.

Dress & Ideology will appeal to students and scholars of fashion, , sociology, cultural studies, politics and gender studies.

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