The language of space

Serial No. AC0005#
Title The language of space
Author(s) Bryan Lawson
Publisher Architectural Press
Series Design, Architectural, Design Thinking
Year 2001
Language English
Pages 274
ISBN 0750652462, 9780750652469
Size 19 MB
Extension PDF

This unique guide provides a systematic overview of the idea of architectural space. Bryan Lawson provides an ideal introduction to the topic, breaking down the complex and abstract terms used by many design theoreticians when writing about architectural space. Instead, our everyday knowledge is reintroduced to the language of design. Design values of ‘space’ are challenged and informed to stimulate a new theoretical and practical approach to design.
This book views architectural and urban spaces as psychological, social and partly cultural phenomena. They accommodate, separate, structure, facilitate, heighten and even celebrate human spatial behaviour.

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