New Zealand Sculpture: A History

Serial No. SC0002#
Title New Zealand Sculpture, A History
Author(s) Michael Dunn
Publisher Auckland University Press
Series Sculpture, Art, History of art
Year 2002
Language English
Pages 194
ISBN 1869402774, 9781869402778, 9781417500734
Size 17.9 MB
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Michael Dunn
‘Michael Dunn’s book is a sweeping panorama tracing the development of a New Zealand style of sculpture from European settlement to the present. . . . This book is a great read and an important reference source. – A+.’ – Peter Gibbs, Nelson Mail

New Zealand Sculpture: A History was well received by art lovers and educational institutions alike on its publication in 2002. For the new edition, Dunn has added a chapter, ‘Crisis of Identity: Sculpture since 2000’, in which he discusses New Zealand sculpture’s international reach, its role at Venice Biennales and the importance of overseas-based New Zealand sculptors such as Francis Upritchard and Ronnie van Hout. Dunn also sees a new popularity for sculpture with the establishment of several outdoor sculpture walks. The book now charts the growth of sculpture from the era of British imports and influence to the more confident art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It includes a general bibliography and reading lists for each major artist and fourteen new colour plates have been added to the original 76 black and white figures and 92 colour plates.

This handsome book tells the enthralling story of an art form that has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

Professor Emeritus Michael Dunn retired as the Head of the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland in 2006. Born in Ashburton and raised in Canterbury, New Zealand, he graduated from the Canterbury School of Fine Arts with a degree in Painting before going on to do Honours and then his Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne. He has a PhD in Art History from The University of Auckland.
Professor Dunn has taught Art History for nearly 25 years and was Head of the University of Auckland’s Art History Department before he was appointed to the Chair at Elam in 1994. He sat on the board of the Auckland Art Gallery from 1977 to 1996. He has published more than 24 books on artists and art-related topics as well as many papers and articles for specialist journals around the world.

I Early Carvers and Masons: 1860–1890
II Public Statuary of the Victorian and Edwardian Periods
III The Origins of Local Sculpture
IV Sculpture Between the Wars: 1918–1939
V The La Trobe Scheme: Sculpture and the Art Schools: 1920–1960
VI Post-War Sculpture: 1945–1965
VII Figurative Sculpture Post-1960
VIII Abstraction and Modernism: 1960–1990
IX Post-Object and Conceptual Art: 1969 to the Present
X Contemporary Maori Sculpture
XI Contemporary Sculpture in New Zealand
List of Figures and Plates
Photo Credits

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