History of interior design


History of interior design

Serial No. IN0007#
Title History of interior design
Author(s) John Pile, Judith Gura
Publisher Wiley
Series Design, Interior Design, History of design
Year 2013
Language English
Pages 498
ISBN 9781118730485, 1118730453, 9781118730454
Size 96.3 MB
Extension HQ PDF

This classic reference presents the history of interior design from prehistory to the present. Exploring a broad range of design styles and movements, this revised and expanded edition includes coverage of non-Western design and vernacular interior architecture and features 665 photographs and drawings (color and black-and-white).

The companion image bank includes an interactive presentation of periods and styles, incorporating more than 100 illustrations. A History of Interior Design is an essential resource for practicing and aspiring professionals in interior design, art history, and architecture, and general readers interested in design and the decorative arts.

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