Exploring the Elements of Design

Serial No. GR0005#
Title Exploring the Elements of Design
Author(s) Poppy Evans, Mark A. Thomas
Publisher Cengage Learning
Series Design, Graphic Design
Year 2012
Language English
Pages 336
ISBN 978-1-1116-4548-9, 1-1116-4548-5
Size 73.9 MB
Extension HQ PDF

Designed to prepare readers for success in graphic design, the third edition of EXPLORING THE ELEMENTS OF DESIGN has been completely updated to reflect the very latest in graphic design concepts and contemporary design work. With its straightforward approach and dynamic examples, this richly illustrated full-color book offers clear explanations of the fundamental principles, award-winning examples of professional work, and diagrams that clearly show how these principles operate in successful design solutions.

Offering a practical and visual introduction to the world of graphic design, this book provides readers with detailed coverage of design concepts, including color, imagery, creative thinking, and visual-problem solving, as well as an overview of the field of graphic design and related career options. In addition, the third edition includes all-new material on digital media, interactive design, and typography to ensure that readers have all the information needed to work in the ever-changing world of graphic design.

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