Design noir: the secret life of electronic objects

Serial No. FR0006#
Title Design noir: the secret life of electronic objects
Author(s) Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby
Publisher Birkhäuser
Series Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Interactive Design, Free Ebooks
Year 2001
Language English
Pages 160
ISBN 3764365668, 9783764365660
Size 11 MB
Extension PDF (Scanned)

Dunne and Raby investigate the real physical and cultural effects of the digital domain, demonstrating that mobile phones, computers and other electronic objects such as televisions profoundly influence people’s experience of their environment. Their ideas have important implications for architecture and design. In this, their first major book, they introduce their extraordinary new way of thinking about objects, space and behaviour to a broad audience. The book is divided into three sections: 1. Manifesto, introducing the authors’ ideas about electromagnetic space. 2. Conversations, in which Dunne and Raby talk to a variety of designers, architects and artists about the impact electronic technology has on their practice. 3. Placebo, presenting the intriguing results of a project involving Dunne and Raby’s working furniture prototypes, including a chair that lets the sitter know when radiation is passing through his body.

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