Complete Lighting Design: A Practical Design Guide for Perfect Lighting

Serial No. IN0002#
Title Complete Lighting Design: A Practical Design Guide for Perfect Lighting
Author(s) Marilyn Zelinsky
Publisher Quarry Book
Series Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design
Year 2006
Language English
Pages 178
ISBN 9781592532476
Size 56 MB
Extension HQ PDF

No matter how beautifully decorated a room is, it doesn’t matter if no one can see it. Interior designers know the importance of good lighting placement, because it is the key that can literally transform a home. Although correct lighting placement is this book’s central theme, it goes much further to discuss everything from basic lighting principles and practices to new technologies, issues of energy efficiency, and new trends in computer automation, followed by a practical guide for analysis and planning, execution, and installation, offering creative solutions to a wide range of illumination issues.
While the information is oriented to a professional design audience, the practical information and advice is just as useful to do-it-yourselfers and homeowners who take on their own lighting projects.

Each topic includes a visual guide and the author even includes room-by-room lighting strategies. Full-color photographs of interiors and drawings illustrate detail and specifics of placements and design features.

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