Basics Product Design 02 : Material Thoughts

Serial No. PR0006#
Title Basics Product Design 02 : Material Thoughts
Author(s) David Bramston
Publisher Ava Publishing
Series Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Material
Year 2009
Language English
Pages 186
ISBN 2940373876, 9782940373871
Size 13 MB
Extension HQ PDF

Basics Product Design: Material Thoughts describes the various materials and processes available to product designers, and how to use and combine them. It encourages an experimental approach to product design and finishing. The book explores the thinking of leading designers and producers who challenge convention through curiosity and experimentation.
It aims to promote a physical enquiry of materials and a mentality that is constantly asking ‘what could be done if…?’ Key contributors include: Alessi, Chris Kabel, Demakersvan, droog, Drummond Masterton, Ettore Sottsass, Front, Gene Kiegel, Industreal, Inflate, Ingo Maurer, Jaime Hayon, Jurgen Bey, Kartell, Maarten Baas, Mathias Bengtsson, Matthias Pliessnig, Memphis, molo, Philippe Starck, Shigeru Ban, Simon Heijdens, Stuart Haygarth, Stuart Walker, Studio Libertiny, Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen. Other titles in the Basics Product Design series include: Idea Searching and Visual Conversations.

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