Automotive Ergonomics: Driver-Vehicle Interaction

Serial No. ER0009#
Title Automotive Ergonomics: Driver-Vehicle Interaction
Author(s) Nikolaos Gkikas
Publisher CRC Press
Series Design, Ergonomics, Anthropometry, Human Factors, Interaction Design
Year 2012
Language English
Pages 194
ISBN 1439894256, 9781439894255
Size 13 MB
Extension HQ PDF

In the last 20 years, technological developments have set new standards in driver-vehicle interaction. These developments effect the entire lifecycle, from the moment a customer enters a dealership to examine a prospective vehicle, to the driving experience during the vehicle lifecycle, and the interaction with other road users and facilities in place. It is such developments, socioeconomic on the one hand, technological on the other, that make Automotive Ergonomics: Driver-Vehicle Interaction an important addition to the literature in this field.

The book explores the challenges in research and development of new vehicles brought about by recent advances in theory and practice. Highlighting topics such as Human-Machine Interaction, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and the hugely evolving subject of digital human modeling and simulation in automotive applications, the book covers:

Best practices and emerging developments
Advances in power train technology
Ergonomics of electric vehicles
Effects of driver distraction, workload, and physical environments
Active safety systems
Navigation support
Vibration and noise perception
Health and safety aspects of driving

While this area is not new, most of the books available are either too general or out of date. This book presents the latest developments in the field of ergonomics and human factors and discusses their implications to the design of modern and future vehicles, giving you the tools you need for innovation.

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