Art And Social Change: Contemporary Art In Asia And The Pacific

Serial No. AR0015#
Title Art And Social Change: Contemporary Art In Asia And The Pacific
Author(s) Caroline Turner
Publisher Pandanus Books
Series Art, Fine Art, Contemporary Art
Year 2005
Language English
Pages 605
ISBN 1740760468, 9781740760461, 9781423718734
Size 23 MB
Extension HQ PDF

In recent decades, contemporary art in Asia and the Pacific has acted as a dramatic reflection of the social and political events taking place in the region. The unique perspectives and expertise of the authors contributing to this collection bring unparalleled insights to bear on this relationship between creativity and social transformation. Extensively illustrated with work by some of the most dynamic artists practising today, Art and Social Change is a compelling map of the developments within contemporary art and society in Asia and the Pacific. As the most up-to-date and engaging survey available, Art and Social Change is an indispensable resource for those interested in the engagement of art with society.

This, the most up-to-date survey of contemporary art in the Asia Pacific, richly illustrated with new and original works by some of the most dynamic art practitioners working today, brings together a range of scholars with international reputations, unique perspectives and unparalleled insight into their region of expertise. It’s engaging, clearly written and informative survey essays introduce the reader to the influences on and state of contemporary art in the region, with the aim of mapping the dynamic developments in contemporary Asian and Pacific art. Art in the region has mirrored and reflected social and political events as they have occurred in the past decades, and the majority of the writers therefore address the issue of art and social change through specific local and regional perspectives. Includes essays on India, China, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

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