Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design (Ergonomics Design Management: Theory and Applications)

Serial No. ER0002#
Title Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design (Ergonomics Design Management: Theory and Applications)
Author(s) Peter Vink, Klaus Brauer
Publisher CRC Press
Series Ergonomy And Anthropometry, Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Interior Design
Year 2011
Language English
Pages 130
ISBN 1439863059, 9781439863053
Size 3.4 MB
Extension HQ PDF

What should every airline and manufacturer know about comfort?
What can we learn from studies in the scientific literature?
What do most passengers know about comfort and how can we translate that into interior design?
Where can I find the latest knowledge and research useful for designing aircraft seats?

Although the answers to these questions are available, they have often been hard to find. Until now. Based on studies conducted by the author and the latest knowledge on comfort, Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design links scientific research on customer likes and dislikes with technical know-how of aircraft interior design.

It contains theoretical information on comfort gathered directly from the voice of the passenger, specific tips and photographs on passenger likes and dislikes, and an overview of the latest scientific demands for passenger seats. Presenting the results of current research and development in the aircraft interior industry, this book provides insight that, when applied to the daily work of managing the passenger experience, can lead to further improvements. The author makes the case for using improved comfort as a selling tool and identifies new opportunities for comfort improvement in the different phases of the passenger experience. He demonstrates how by optimizing the passengers’ senses at each phase, you can design comfort back into flying.

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