A Weekend with Picasso


A Weekend with Picasso

Serial No. FR0021#
Title A Weekend with Picasso
Author(s) Florian Rodari
Publisher Rizzoli
Series Art, Painting, Art of design
Year 1991
Language English
Pages 60
ISBN 0847814378
Size 7.8 MB
Extension PDF

“It’s the weekend–time to rest–but as you can see, I’m working. We artists never take time off, we’re always thinking about what we’re going to do next! Even when we seem to be resting, our brains are going a mile a minute, and very often, late at night, when everyone else is in the house asleep, we go back to the studio . . . I can’t help myself–when my hands want to create something there’s just no stopping them. They grab whatever’s within reach–paper, modeling clay, old rags, bits of wood or cardboard–and they shape, fold, paint, carve, cut, nail, or glue them together . . . or they sign my name, which you may very well know . . . Picasso.”

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