A Sculptor’s Manual

Serial No. SC0003#
Title A Sculptor's Manual
Author(s) Bainbridge Copnall and Fabio Barraclough (Auth.)
Publisher Elsevier Ltd, Pergammon Press Ltd
Series Art, Sculpture, Fine Art
Year 1971
Language English
Pages 266
ISBN 978-0-08-015577-7, 0080155774
Size 17 MB
Extension HQ PDF

A Sculptor’s Manual
Bainbridge Copnall and Fabio Barraclough

IT seems that there is nothing beyond the capabilities of most human beings’ will to do, if they have the courage to learn by their mistakes when attempting the seemingly impossible.
Every man has an internal desire to express himself by creating something concrete as an example of his mental prowess, and therefore it is possible to trace the progress of self-expression back to the actual beginning of an idea.

Consciously and subconsciously, during the process of his work to prove himself, man has had to pass through many stages of mental despondence as well as uplift, before he has mastered the particular crafts with which he will ultimately be capable of expressing what he wants.
In the following pages there is an endeavour on the part of the author to help his reader to steer clear of some of the mistakes and pitfalls that must inevitably arise during the long process of creation and development of a work of art.

To begin with there are traditions, fashions, and taboos to be followed, ignored, or passed by during a man’s artistic development, the choice or discarding of which should be a completely personal matter, with no strings attached.
Each man is capable of choosing for himself, and the most enlightened one is he who profits by the analysis of the conception, methods, and completed works of all schools of thought, his mind being completely open until he has evolved a congenial form of self-expression with which he can assert himself.
This book is a mixture of experiences in a number of different media with which the author has experimented, and which he has mastered or been governed by during the period of forty years in the field of sculpture, and it is hoped that it contains points of value and understanding of this form of self-expression.

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