1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art

Serial No. PG0004#
Title 1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art
Author(s) Cristian Campos
Publisher Rockport Publishers
Series Art, Fine Art, Painting, Graffiti Art, Street Art
Year 2011
Language English
Pages 320
ISBN 1592536581, 9781592536580
Size 121 MB
Extension HQ PDF

Graffiti and street art used to be a sure sign of a neighborhood’s neglect. Even though it is still a countercultural art form, its role has grown: it enlivens public space, provides social commentary, and adds humor and color to the urban and suburban landscape.

1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art is a showcase of urban art suitable for artists of any medium, designers, and other creative artists looking for urban-style inspiration for their visual work. A visual catalog, it is both a practical, inspirational handbook and a coffee-table conversation piece. Graffiti and street artists—rebellious and non-rebellious alike—will relish the opportunity to have so many ideas for color play, illustration, and wild expressions at their fingertips.

Inside you’ll find:
-1,000 photographs of graffiti and other types of urban art, with captions that feature location (city, state, country) artist name (if known).
-Artwork sorted into categories such as letterforms, stencils, portraits, murals, nature, tags, throw-ups, pieces, and productions
-Urban art glossary, basic aerosol painting and street art techniques, and more.

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