Design Elements, Form And Space : A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding Structure and Design

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Serial No. GR0007#
Title Elements, Form And Space : A Graphic Manual for Understanding Structure and Design
Author(s) Dennis Puhalla
Publisher Publishers
Series Design, Graphic Design,
Year 2011
Language English
Pages 169
ISBN 098-1-59253700-6, 1-59253-700-6
Size 65.2 MB
Extension HQ PDF

Design principles never change. They serve as the foundation of the thought process and are the essential tools that define a language. With hundreds of fundamental principles for creating successful design compositions, Design Elements: Form & Space establishes a basis for organization strategies and serves as a comprehensive manual for graphic .

Understanding how elements interact in a layout is a critical step in stimulating visual and compositional decision-making, and this book illustrates these principles in numerous diagrams, drawings, and practical examples of application. Youll also learn how conventional color harmonies effect form and space and how to apply elements to images and type to create balanced layouts. Gain a deeper understanding of form in the context of ordering space with Design Elements: Form & Space.
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