Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual

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Serial No. GR0003#
Title Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual
Series Design, Graphic Design
Year 2007
Pages 273
ISBN 9781592532612
Size 107 MB
Extension HQ PDF

The graphic design equivalent to Strunk & White’s The Elements of StyleThis book is simply the most compact and lucid available outlining the basic principles of layout, typography, color usage, and space.Being a is often about coming up with unique design . Unfortunately, when the basic rules of design are ignored in an effort to be distinctive, design becomes useless. In language, a departure from the rules is only appreciated as great literature if recognition of the rules underlies the text.

Graphic design is a “ language,” and brilliance is recognized in whose work seems to break all the rules, yet communicates its messages clearly.This book is a fun and accessible handbook that presents the fundamentals of design in lists, tips, brief text, and examples. Chapters include Graphic Design: What It Is; What Are They and What Do They Do?; 20 Basic Rules of Good Design; Form and Space-The Basics; Color Fundamentals; Choosing and Using Type; The World of Imagery; Putting it All Together?Essential Layout Concepts;

The Right Design Choices: 20 Reminders for Working Designers; and Breaking the Rules: When and Why to Challenge all the Rules of this Book.

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