Advances in Industrial Design Engineering ed. by Denis A. Coelho

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Serial No. ID0002#
Title Advances in
Author(s) Denis A. Coelho
Publisher InTeOpP
Series Industrial Design, Design
Year 2013
Language English
Pages 250
ISBN 9535110163, 9789535110163
Size 20.69 MB
Extension HQ PDF

This book develops the concepts present in the previous book further, as well as reaching new areas of theory and practice in industrial design. The book assists readers in leaping forward in their own practice and in preparing new design research that is relevant and aligned with the current of this fascinating field.

Section 1 Design Process Innovation
1 A Bi-Directional Method for Bionic Design with Examples
2 Design in Conceptual Design Processes: A Comparison Between Industrial and Engineering Design Students
3 Product Sound Design
4 TRIZ: Design Problem Solving with Systematic Innovation
Section 2 Industrial Design Perspectives
5 The Design of Product Instructions
6 Measuring Design Simplicity
Section 3 Sustainability
7 Sustainable Product Innovation: The Importance of the Front-End Stage in the Innovation Process
8 Toy Design Methods: A Sustainability
Section 4 Case Studies
9 Design for Automotive Panels Supported by an Expert System
10 Early Stages of Industrial Design Careers
11 Visual and Material in the Context of Industrial Design

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