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About Baniform Ebook Store | Guidelines for payment and reading ebook

This website and project has been designed by Baniform online magazine as www.baniform.ir, with the aim of creating a database for ebooks, list of websites, list of competition organizers, and list of magazines related to the field of architecture, industrial design, graphic design, fashion, photography, contemporary art, painting, sculpting, and all the fields of art and design.

• Access to resources and web data does not include special conditions for the audiences and visitors, yet, it has been created to meet the needs and access to the theoretical, academic, and written resources for art and design teachers, designers, artists, scholars, and those interested in research and study in the mentioned fields.

• This project has been registered by Baniform to share the resources gathered in the archives to be accessible for the interested people and scholars in exchange for a low payment. Always access and reading of some books require small fee, and this strategy is to support website, hosting, and expansion of the project. Obviously, the value of the offered books are more than the paid amount, and in some cases, these costs removed and books are free of charge.

If a content, article, or book has been published in this website without respecting the rights of copyright, you, as a publisher, writer, or author can report it to us through Contact Information in order to edit or remove it from our website.

List of websites:
A list of up to date, active, well-known, and international websites related to the aforementioned fields which are loaded to be introduced to the art and design audiences.

List of awards:
In this section, the list of international prestigious competitions organizers competitions and challenges are provided.

List of magazines:
This section contains a list of credible journals and magazines in the mentioned fields from around the world.

Adding links to website:
If your website or weblog is not included in the defined lists, you can register it in the website, sending the form directly. (The validity and activity of the presented link is of the most important factor for publicizing in this website.)

Contact Information:
Web address: lib.baniform.ir 
Email: lib [at] baniform.ir
Phone: 00982126319401
Fax:   00982126318564
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